• CEE: INAT Centre: IT Jobs for Young Leaders in the 4th Industrial Revolution

    During the project IT Jobs for Young Leaders in the 4th Industrial Revolution peers across CEE region, Europe and other continents will get connected on a platform about Virtual and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Serious Gaming so as to further expand their business skills thanks to mentor approach, video and written content, as well as to put their apps and solutions in these four niches on the marketplace.


    Since 2015 activities of the organisation INAT Centre have been in alignment with these goals: preparing youth for the job market through entrepreneurship and employment trainings, conducting international projects and conferences, and collaborating with stakeholders (companies, universities, government institutions, NGOs) in Serbia, Western Balkans and world-wide. So far 10 people are active in INAT Centre and they have 3-10 years of project management experience.

    The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs has identified that although there are millions of unemployed workers across Europe, almost 825.000 jobs in ICT (information and telecommunication) sector can remain unfulfilled by 2020.

    Therefore, this project IT Jobs for Young Leaders in the 4th Industrial Revolution will equip young people with skills for IT jobs in three steps:
    1) On the platform with videos and materials for business success and brilliant habits Millennials could start 30-day challenges, improve their emotional intelligence, set compelling business goals and follow through.
    2) They could read the special content section and job ads about four emerging technologies which will generate most future jobs and require employees from both engineering and arts background: Virtual and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Serious Gaming
    3) Finally, Millennials would be able to download apps relevant for these technologies to improve their business skills or marketplace their own solutions.


    Kontakt: Milena Milicevic, milicevic.milena.3(at)gmail.com

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