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    Thousands of people have fled war and persecution and have come to Germany to start a new life. However, integrating into German culture is not so easy, especially as German is a difficult language to learn. BiLenga offers migrants a place where they can practice speaking German with volunteers online - anywhere at anytime. Through improving their German skills, establishing contact to Germans and enabling cultural exchange BiLenga hopes to help many migrants make Germany their home.

    So how does BiLenga work? Migrants wanting to improve their German sign up for our service and are matched with volunteers. Based on voice over IP technology provided by our partner, speaqwithme, these tandems can then choose to speak about topics of their choice or to follow built in scripts aligned with the materials migrants learn in the language courses structured and provided by the BAMF(Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge).

    We at BiLenga are a team of three master students who want to make a difference. We hope that with BiLenga migrants can master the German language and feel more comfortable using their German skills so that they can better integrate and feel at home in German society.

    What’s unique about BiLenga? Our aim is to meet refugees on an eye to eye level and create a personal touch that goes both ways. We are also hoping to foster offline meetings based on the experiences online. The courses are very close to the compulsory BAMF courses, yet add value through the very practical and individual approach, as we consider speaking ability the stepping stone for integration into society and workforce.

    Contact: Julia Kempf / jukempf(at)mail.uni-mannheim.de

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