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    The mobile application CultureConnect seeks to connect people from different cultures living in Germany directly and conveniently. CultureConnect provides a platform to put German volunteers in contact with refugees and migrants that are new in Germany. By cutting out the intermediary organizations, the app will greatly facilitate the contact between refugees and Germans and accelerate the integration process.


    Volunteers will receive suggested connections with refugees based on their provided interests and hobbies, our app can thus enable people to make direct contact with each other. Unlike several existing apps in the market, CultureConnect not only serves as an information platform for refugees, but also creates an innovative way to connect people: convenient, direct and fun.

    We are a young but experienced team -4 college students from difference cultures, specialized in finance, management and marketing with work experience in banking, consulting and IT. We share the same vision of a society more multicultural and colourful.

    Contact: Christoph Seiler / fseiler(at)mail.uni-mannheim.de

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