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    70% of all roads in Africa are dirt roads. Only one-third of Africans living in rural areas are within two kilometers of an all-season road. What if goods need to reach those people during bad weather conditions and inaccessible roads? What if important medication doesn’t get to those people in time because of poor infrastructure? ImpRoads believes that connecting remote areas in developing countries in a fast and safe way represents our greatest opportunity to improve peoples life no matter where they live.


    How do we achieve this vision?

    We calculate the fastest and safest route based on satellite images, weather data and user reports. Through the satellite images we are able to analyse the current road infrastructure. Also we are able to predict weather a road may get inaccessible in the future in combination with the weather prediction we add to our data. User reports add the personal dimension to our solution, which makes it complete. Out of this we generate a nation wide heatmap showing the quality and usage of infrastructure. Based on that we then create a ranking which roads should be repaired first. Stakeholders such as Delivery Companies, Insurance Companies and Governments are then able to start a crowdfunding campaign and invest into a better infrastructure all together. Once the needed money is collected we engage a road building company to improve the road.

    Let’s improve Africas infrastructure together!

    Contact: Sebastian Frederik Jacobsen / hello(at)hejsfj.com

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