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    Elderly people suffer from three core issues: age poverty, loneliness and dependency on care. In order to help this ever-increasing population, we from Omas Hausgemachtes will provide a platform to enable the elderly people to apply their cooking skills together by supplying small enterprises in form of a catering service.


    The business model of Omas Hausgemachtes comprises three main dimensions: the elderly people as cooks, the small and medium sized companies as customers as well as supporters for the elderly people. Within the framework of our idea, we want to maximize the social impact of the business model for the elderly as well as the unemployed supporter. On the one hand, we offer the elderly the opportunity to support themselves financially by having social and intergenerational interaction as well as at the same time enrich their daily routine with fun activities, i.e. cooking and chatting with like-minded people. On the other hand, we give the unemployed people the chance not to lose contact to society by connecting them with elderly people as well as customers and thus to resocialize for a good purpose and underwritten payment. Of course, we also offer the buying customers a high value added. For this, we give these customers the alternative to enjoy a good, homemade, hearty and by grandma prepared dish for lunch. Supplementary, these customers can meet their social obligations through our offerings and guarantee the elderly as well as unemployed with occupation.

    Contact: Nabil Djemaina / djemaina(at)gmail.com

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