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    Restehelden is an organization which aims at reducing the amount of food waste caused by consumers. We intend to inspire people to throw away less food and we will do so by offering cooking classes and running a homepage with a blog, recipes and videos. The classes are designed to show people how easy it is to prepare meals with leftover food and combine ingredients more creatively and effectively.

    Often, one has food at home but forgets to consume it prior to expiry or lacks creativity about how to turn it into a tasty meal. The fact that consumers do not use all ingredients that they bought leads to 313kg of food being wasted every second in Germany alone. By inviting consumers to our creative leftover-cooking-courses, we are taking one step further to tackle this problem. Our customers can either come alone or with a group of friends – or they can invite us and host a cooking party at their homes. Our cooking classes are furthermore a great team-building opportunity for companies and even for schools. The classes are interactive, entertaining and taught by professionals, and they are designed to show people how to combine “leftover ingredients” creatively in innovative ways. We will cook with groceries that farmers and supermarkets were not able to sell, for example, due to visual imperfections, but which are still perfectly edible. In this way, our goal is to raise people’s awareness about food waste while simultaneously promising a lot of fun. An overview of the cooking classes offered by us can be found on our homepage which includes a blog that provides consumers with information about food (waste) as well as helpful cooking videos and recipes.

    Contact: restehelden(at)gmail.com

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